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Dr. Marcel F. Daniels at 1760 Termino Avenue in Long Beach, California

Dr. Marcel F. Daniels is healthcare, which located in California. They address is 1760 Termino Avenue.
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Phone: +1 562-597-4575


1760 Termino Avenue,
Long Beach, California
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Customer Reviews about Dr. Marcel F. Daniels

  • Where else can you find the best in his field coupled with the greatest bedside manor and sense of humor. Make your way through the traffic circle and perfection awaits...
    October 28, 2017
    by Randy Karr
  • Dr. Daniels did an amazing surgery many many years ago on my late husband. I was taken by surprise on what he had done on the reconstruction that he did on his foot. He took a stomach muscle and grafted into his foot this was a 9.5 hour on attaching every blood vessel and muscles. He had non infections gangrene where he lost four of his toes. The only thing my late husband as was not to leave his little toe, because he didn’t want to stub his toe. He has the best bedside manner in a doctor that I had very seen from doctor and at that time we were in and out of the hospital for years. He is very compassion about his patients. I have never seen a doctor who has come to a patient’s funeral as Dr. Daniels did. I would recommend him to anyone who would need his services. Aven Somerville
    March 11, 2017
    by Aven Lidberg
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Dr. Marcel F. Daniels is located at 1760 Termino Avenue, Long Beach, California.